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100% Real Estate Brokerage

How Does 100% Commission Plan Work?

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Citiwide Alliance Realty The BEST 100-percent-real-estate-commissions Structure to REALTORS to do their Real Estate Transactions.  You WILL NOT split your commission to cover office costs.  It is complete freedom to realize your success for TODAY market.
In today’s market, a Realtor joining a major/national real estate company will find it very difficult to make a living on a commission of 60/40 split, 70/30 split or even a 90/10 split.  Some of the large national real estate companies offer 100% commission, but when you factor in their monthly expenses such as desk fee, franchise fees, copy, phone, front desk reception expenses, E&O Insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses that a Realtor commission is greatly reduced.
At Citiwide Alliance Realty the commission arrangement that we share with our Realtors puts 100% commission in your pocket minus a small transaction fee. There are no E&O Insurance Fee, Desk Fee, etc. and no surprises.  Realtors will only be responsible for small transaction fee and local board membership due.  And yes we do put everything in writing so there is no confusion. 
Since our Realtors home office on a daily basis, we operate with a lot lower overhead than the typical real estate company.  Many realtors home office and will ask permission with the title or mortgage company to use a conference room or spare office.  Today wireless internet hotspots are just about everywhere these days, some realtors meet their clients at local shops such as Starbucks, or at the showing location.  Most wireless phone companies offer a laptop network card that allows you to be online anywhere you can use your smart phone or even to using their smart phone to show listing!  Most real estate agents already have the equipment necessary to fax or make copies. With today's technology, the office is at your fingertips.
Citiwide Alliance Realty differs from other brokerages, in that our realtors keep 100% of their commissions. While standard splits range from 90/10 70/30 to 60/40, and/or charge a monthly fee.  Our Realtors receive 100% of their commission no matter what the size of the transaction,  they pay only $100.00 for the yearly membership fee and $100 per transaction, add $30 per $50,000 increments sale price and E&O insurance at no charge to the realtor and no surprise fees.
Commission Disbursements Authorization (CDA) is faxed or emailed directly to escrow and copies are faxed or emailed directly to your office.
Whether you work part-time or full time, your business is yours, be your own boss, and we're here to help when you need us.  With Citiwide Alliance Realty you are never alone! With real estate questions, you can call or email the broker directly. We want your business to be a success, and we provide full services brokerage but without the high cost as the traditional real estate company.
Tech-savvy Realtors and Brokers are moving away from the traditional real estate industry advertising towards web-based media marketing such as YouTube, Website, and Social Media.  These realtors are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the next wave of web-based technology.  Web-savvy Realtors already realize that small is the new big by moving away from big offices to smaller yet efficient home-based offices where they can provide service to their clients electronically and reach a broader pool of consumers. By implementing the power of digital presence,  realtors and brokers reduced their overhead and increased their mobility and productivity in this sluggish market. Those who are oblivious to change and the new strategy of small is the new big is running the risk of being left behind in the fast-moving real estate industry.
Join Citiwide Alliance Realty and take advantage of what comes with working for an internet-based and high-tech real estate brokerage.
If you are ready to embrace a shift from the traditional, then it is time to embrace real estate as it ought to be. Citiwide Alliance Realty is ready for you. 
Call Josh 214-524-3500, join online now or email us at for a sign-up package.
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